Welcome to the World of Ngas

Nde Tenwong

In search of the oldest man in Ngas land and what he is capable of doing, we went to Lun, a typical Ngas community where a man named Tenwong lives with his family.

This man, according to reports has no age mate alive. He is old but active.

When I visited Lun in January 2015, I met a man who can still walk without any support, a man who can still read without the use of lenses, a man who can still speak and narrate ancient events. This man is Nde Tenwong.

He has a copy of the Ngas New Testament with the old orthography. He can read it fluently. And, In order to test the readability of the new orthography, I gave him a printed copy of the book of 1 Samuel. He read it fluently as well.

I believe that it is time for us to wake up and recover our story (the story of our people) from the aged before they are no more. When we are able to recover our ancient legacies, generations to come will have something to use in order to reconstruct our history.

Follow us as we explore more opportunities.